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Right here in San Antonio we dedicate our energy to provide services for your outdoor projects, we repair or build fence and decks all year long - we have healthy pallets of sod all year long, fresh cut natural stone all year long.

One client at a time, one project at a time. Everything doesn’t have to be modern, 40% of completed projects have been regular sturdy builds, even though our focus is custom work or unique outdoor living designs, we gladly offer a wide range of outdoor services for those truly looking for dedicated builders and landscape designers with some of the newest trends and great ideas year after year.

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Decks | Modern Designs |


— Installs, Lighting, Demo, & Repairs

Imagine coming home to a shaded area constructed to your appearance built with reassurance just like all of our deck projects, because we take pride in our therapeutic escape we call work and unwinding with a glass of… lemonade and a lovely breeze. We have built decks all different shapes, species and sizes: floating, composite, multiple story, and out looking roof views, just to step back and admire the craftsmanship and energy we put fourth to guarantee it matters from the lateral load engineering to the layout of the screws, not everything comes out perfect but we make sure it counts where some contractors may skip over.

Fence | Modern Designs |


— Installs, Temporary, Demo, & Repairs

Custom builds is what we aim for, traditional fence styles never fail to amaze a client, but not everyone has the same taste so that’s why we give you the option to decide from equally, we can service a majority of fence styles, from automatic gates, temporary fence sections for events to acres of farm perimeters for your crop and live stock we generally service a gate or fence a few times a month!

Stone | Modern Designs |


— Installs, Lighting, Demo, & Repairs

Hardscapes, Pavers, and a few typical masonry construction projects is how we define this: interlocking tile over patios, natural stone edge around gardens, concrete walkway extensions, faux over stucco or CMU, and custom renovations. Xeriscapes on the other hand are slowly becoming a little more popular, typically to veer from lawn maintenance and up keep, Xeriscapes can be stunningly beautiful and transformed so well some never notice the difference between regular yards some are so unique with a huge market of materials to transform your headache of a lawn this might be your option.

Discount | Modern Designs |

Sod | Modern Designs |


— Installs, Lighting, Demo, & Repairs

A modern accent many homeowners enjoy and some wonder what the purpose might be! Prefabricated models are hard to choose from on the market and we can help you decide what might contrast best custom built or delivered and assembled. The options to add decorations, or neighbor welcoming touches like speakers and lights on to your pergola, trellis, or arbors really adds a touch of “make yourself at home,” wherever your structure is built or positioned practically anywhere on your premises can always add a hint of comfort or make something pop....out!

• UV protective shade sails, and fabric covers for both commercial and residential shade or aesthetics for your balcony, terrace or property.

Sod | Modern Designs |


— Installs, & Repairs

You don’t have to nag everyone to stay off your lawn unless it’s certain species! Unless you want a reason to nag? Either way we have you covered, there’s way to many scientific names and species of grass/turf for your lawn and us to bombard you with so we brought you the top choices we usually install of receive emails about! We know which is best for your traffic, shade and drought tolerant options. We help narrow down the aspect of botany to provide information for our clients, new homeowners or google-ers right here!

Brown spots? yellow spots? thick spots?

Repairs | Modern Designs |


— Additions, Retrofitting, & Repairs

Outdoor Renovations and Repairs is another one we knock out of the park every time, one of our biggest request that end up being anything under the sun... literally. Whether it’s a custom Deck or a Grotto, to a Shou Sugi Ban finish all material and hardware meet or exceed code rating, specifications, and toxicity levels under EPA, OSHA.

Let us handle your outdoor problems, or those failed DIY projects, we can give you a estimate for that too.

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Decks | Modern Designs |

Decks & Railing

— New Installs, Lighting, Demos, & Repairs

What we typically service:

• Wood (Softwood & Hardwood)
• Composites (TimberTech, & Fiberon, Dura-Life, Envision)

Landscaping - San Antonio | Modern Designs |

— Pressure treated Wood is truly ideal for some homeowners because many already know the stain appearance they would like to protect their asset with, without a doubt, as long as you follow the manufactures recommendations for proper treatment techniques, you cant go wrong if you take proper care of your wood, even if its untreated! Fresh cut pine smells, holds up, and looks just as beautiful built and installed correctly! unless you're looking for a low maintenance, extended return investment like a lovely natural Redwood, Kebony, Brazilian Cumaru, and a few other hardwood or marine standard selections then let us introduce the procedures, drafts and materials because we know what’s next in the home owners market and will always be home of the original designs and builds.

• Garapa
• Deck Tiles

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Composites would be amazing is they were all built under a tall wide crown tree and only required a sweep! If they aren't, on the other hand they can become excessively hot during the summer, which is a slight con to compared key factors like the characteristics of the material and weatherization properties that protect your investments weakest link, sadly enough yes. Composite material isn't the toughest when it comes to shear strength, in other words in tends to get bent out of shape in multiple ways, so decisions are based of a few factors.

• EverNew
• MoistureShield

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Sod | Modern Designs |

Sod & Turf

— New Installs, Maintenance, & Repairs

What we typically service:

• Sod (Bermuda, Buffalo, TiffTuff, Zoysia & St. Augustine)
• Soil (Top Soil, Compost, Dirt, Sand, Crushed Matter)
• Turf (Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyethylene)

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Sod or better known as grass, can stay green 366 days a year, if you keep up with maintenance! Watering alone sometimes doesn’t cut it! If you have existing lawn that may be dying don’t blame the season, really, lawns need procedures to introduce oxygen into the soil, minerals/fertilization to boost vitals and sometimes a grooming, which we do that for a living, we have installed over 15,000 Sqf of organic vegetation, and literally tonnes of organic matter.

Artificial Turf also stays green 366 days of the year and very hot during the summer time for your children or pets walk on! Turf still needs to be cleared of seasonal down falls, and may require the tools to be dusted off and utilized! 100% watering free, reduces the amount of bugs, mess when it rains and is very durable material, eco friendly turf and can be installed indoors and outdoors in a number of ways if you have the area for it.

Bexar County region grass zone range more specifically within our hardiness zones and more accurate information of exact genus may be obtained for potential clients - website presence may update in the future.

Landscaping - San Antonio | Modern Designs |

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Pergola | Modern Designs |

Pergolas & Arbors

— New Installs, Lighting, & Repairs

What we typically service:

• Wood (Treated & Untreated)
• Composite (Trex, Dura-Trel, ALEKO)
• Metal (Aluminum, Steel & Wrought Iron)
• Vinyl (Composite & PVC - Polyvinylcloride)
• UV/IR GSM Rated Fabrics (Ultraviolet & Infrared)

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Wood choices range, do you want a lovely scent? Prefer a rot resistant species, or good coverage to stain a color to match the contrast of your home? We can have your new focal point turned over in 2-3 days depending on the size and weather! We have installed wooden pergolas and trellises over gates, gardens and fence sections, we have also installed mini pergolas over garages and mailboxes and want to tackle the next idea a home owner has!

Metal material pergolas (normally aluminum based or so) never tint, warp or need additional annually maintenance, highly weather resistant, and depending on the structure design can hold the highest ratings for lateral loads and last lifetime. We actually have a deal on 'Prefabbed Aluminum Pergola' packages including delivery, labor and material! or if you want something more rustic for your shop or backyard we do offer custom designs cut and welded by our certified partner company specializing in custom metal fabrications.

Pergolas - San Antonio | Modern Designs |

Vinyl feels and looks just like plastic up close just a lot more sturdier then standard plastic and more resistant to mildew, most vinyl membrane contrasts less heat and usually has to be reinforced if you ever want to add a cover over them, but prefab pergola or trellis molds usually pop up in less the 3 days attached or detached. They look and feel just like woodgrain finish, or if your taste leans a little more into the matte or gloss look just note, some custom selected prefabricated modifications may take up to 2 weeks for completed build an delivery.

Shade Sails can be stretched across some trees in your back yard or company's break area, residential shade sails have a shorter life then some other ideas of cover in the yard, but they look really cool when they're installed according to the design perspective, all of our cover fabrics meet multiple standard ratings for customer satisfaction and assurance for both residential and commercial needs, commercial fabrics are threaded to last longer and resist a higher wind velocity, bother options have multiple colors patterns or designs.

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San Antonio | Modern Designs |

Fence & Gates

— New Installs, Temporary, & Repairs

What we typically service:

• Wood (Treated & Untreated)
• Metal (Aluminum, Chain Link & Wrought Iron)
• Vinyl (Composite & PVC - Polyvinylcloride)

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Wood has its pros, cons and actual purposes, investments are a speed bump for homeowners and property decisions can be a overwhelming tug of war deciding what might be better then the next! No worries we have installed good neighbor, pine and cedar pickets, shadowbox and a few other of the common homeowners favorites, not everything has to be “modern” we have built plenty of non-modern fence and gates.

— Proper installed Metal based fence can stand for a hundred years, but they sometimes aren’t really the most aesthetically pleasing for all property, that’s why most of the time you notice them they are on farms or larger property’s for decades. Residential style fence ideas can also be built to last, prefab builds to hold in pets, corrugated/pressed sheet metals for aesthetics, custom weld, etc.

Vinyl or those white fence and gates you’ve seen before. Yes, those beautiful modifications attach perfectly over wood or metal posts as sections! Usually the cheapest of the bunch, lowest maintenance but lowest yield of servicing, a few common styles we've installed were wall-toppers, closed picket, full privacy to start, vinyl usually have the quickest turnaround if you are looking for something sooner.

Landscaping - San Antonio | Modern Designs |

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San Antonio | Modern Designs |

Hardscapes & Xeriscapes

— New Installs, Lighting, Demos, & Repairs

What we typically service:

• Pavers (Natural Stone, Concrete, Slabs & Brick)
• Filler (Topsoil, Dirt, Compost, Fertilizers & Sand)
• Mulch (Bark, Granite, Rubber, Rock, Gravel)

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Pavers are almost everyone’s favorite, I can’t name them all with one breath unfortunately but to start they all have a purpose or look like how cobblestone, a classic higher price range paver typically used for driveways goes a long way or we can jump to Limestone, Interlocking, Bluestone, Flagstone, Travertine, Marble... or Porcelain, which all truly have their desired zone or area mainly based off the traffic, appearance or structure and so on to shapes, sizes, patterns, regions and maintenance (the dreaded word) and confusingly enough not all of them subject the same procedures if you invested around a residential pool or porch but we take care of all the homework for you!

— Want the dirty truth about Soil? Looked over so much and is one of the, if not the most important of all landscaping or homeowners needs! Mixing, or topping off your lawn is as easy as throwing it on your lawn, if it’s the right mixture and the proper amount added correctly that is! We add mixtures with all our installs to reassure full yield, the rest is up to you.. or us if you don’t want to.

Mulch have you stumped? Organic and Inorganic, completely different uses each with a particular benefit, some are more beneficial for instance if you’re just starting a garden or plant bed, some keep away pests, some are actually a necessity and provide nutrients or encourage moister! Others just don’t want to mow their backyard or deal with the hassle of weeds popping up in the yard and to-do list and some mulch could even help with yard rain drainage if your grade if off.

San Antonio | Modern Designs |

Need recommendation on planting a tree? Texas A&M

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San Antonio | Modern Designs |

Renovations & Additions

— Additional Site Services

Commercial & Residential:

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• Tree Houses
• Outdoor Mounting
• Playscapes

With all kinds of completed projects in and outside Bexar County from Devine to La Vernia, Poteet to Boerne surrounding communities. We truly build for our clients like we’re building for ourselves, we don't mess around when it comes to business. If were wasting your time, were wasting our time.

• Lake Side Docks
• Landscape Water Features
• Land Clearing

Sod | Modern Designs |

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San Antonio | Modern Designs |


Commercial, Residential, Nonprofit, whatever the budget is, whatever the reason is, landscapers connect with nature, with nature come causes with causes come benefits and good deeds, we have successfully complete over 85+ projects proudly, we participate in good cause events (prior COVID-19 and CDC safety restriction) we have partnered and provided effort for small businesses, political influencers, vendors, public figures, and clients from San Antonio to Austin, whether it’s a rough finish or prefabricated order.

Wether it is a custom build that suits your surroundings to a particular model, prefab or layout you have in mind i.e. Traditional, or Industrial, etc. No job is too small or contingent. For over a decade we have gained and provided professional skills, practices and dexterity working with some of the biggest names in the industry, one contract at a time, one project at a time, one measurement at a time maintaining positive relationships with all of our clients to this day.

We won't sell you dreams, but we can build them and most of the time make it look easy. We use (actual) local distributors for material with a wide variety of choices, from exotic hardwoods and composites, natural stones, to your favorite hardiness zone species. We are truly home to original sleek ideas, “Modern” styles and outdoor renovations.

Schedule through: Facebook Appointments

BBB Business ID: 1000191667

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